Commentary on the Parsha – Shmot

Moses is Not Pathetic, Marrowless and Weak
By Howard Singer

— The following is an excerpt from Bring Forth the Mighty Men: On Violence and the Jewish Character by Howard Singer which was originally published in 1969 by Funk & Wagnalls. —

The Bible tells us of only three incidents from Moses’ youth. In two of them Moses himself offers violence, but in reaction against another’s violence.

The first occurs when Moses sees an Egyptian smiting a Jew: “And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand.” [Exodus 2:12]

The second occurs when Moses sees a Jew inflicting violence on another Jew: “A he said to him that did the wrong ‘Wherefore smitest thou thy fellow’” But the Jew “that did the wrong,” the violent one succeeds in defying Moses.

“Thinkest thou to kill me, as thou didst kill the Egyptian?” And Moses feared, and said, ‘surely the thing is known.’ ” [Exodus 2:13-14]

Moses flees Egypt and the third incident occurs in Midian: “Now the priest of Midian had seven daughters, and they came and drew water and filled the troughs to water their father’s flock. And the shepherds came and drove them away; but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock. [Exodus 2:16-17] We are not told how he helped them but later the girls use a strong term to describe what he did. “An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds.” There was a hint, perhaps a full threat, of violence.

That is all. With incredible economy – the three incidents are told in only nine verses in the second chapter of Exodus – the great point is made. Moses in not pathetic, marrowless and weak. He does not preach meekness because he is himself the perennial victim. Moses is the natural aristocrat with a ferocious hatred of injustice, and in the three incidents the Bible describes, injustice takes the ugly form of physical violence. And this is the man whom G-d decides is worthy of receiving the Divine revelation on Sinai.

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Why is Townhall Using Jewish Imagery with a Gun Control Article? published an article by Katie Pavlich on October 24, 2013 about Mayor Bloomberg with the title Guess Who’s Lying About the ‘Gun Show Loophole’ in Virginia?

The accompanying photo of Bloomberg (that appears between the headline and the text of the article) has a highly eye-catching red Star of David image in the immediate background.  The article has nothing to do with Israel or Jews.  See the article here:

Pavlich is’s News Editor. Why was this image chosen? Either someone at Townhall was not thinking or was trying to send a message. Which was it?

Townhall chould have / should have run a different photo of Bloomberg with this article . Here’s one they can take a look at from AP:

Just days before a different photo of Bloomberg was used in another article by Pavlich. See it here:

There is nothing Jewish about Bloomberg’s stance on guns and the Second Amendment.

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On the anniversary of the Benghazi attack

On the anniversary of the Benghazi attack let’s recall what Hillary Clinton’s State Department was busy with during the days and weeks before September 11, 2012 while the terrorists were busy planning their strike on America in Libya:

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AFSI to hold Protest – Israel’s release of Arab Terorrists

People of Conscience are Urged to Join Us

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013, 12:30 to 2pm,

across from the Israeli Consulate,

 2nd Avenue and E 43rd Street, NYC  


On Sunday, July 28, 2013,  Israeli Cabinet Members Gideon Saar, Moshe Yaalon, Yitzchak Aharonovich, Yuval Steinitz, Sofa Landver, Yair Lapid, Shai Piron, Yael German, Yaakov Perry, Meir Cohen, Tzipi Livni, and Amir Peretz voted with PM Netanyahu to release 104 Arab murderers of Jewish men, women, and children in another one of its “goodwill” gestures intended to coax the so-called Palestinian Authority back to the table for “peace talks”.


The release of unrepentant murderers, who will be greeted as returning heroes by their fellow terrorists, is a repugnant action that endangers the lives of every Jewish citizen who lives in Israel. Every land for peace deal that Israeli and Jewish leaders have agreed to has brought war, terrorism, devastating property damage and loss, and left traumatized vast numbers of our precious Jewish citizenry.
Not only is the release of these terrorists a violation of the judicial process with all its moral and ethical values, but the entire pursuit of the elusive “peace” is an exercise in futility. The PA has NEVER changed its Charter calling for the extermination of Israel, so there is no point in pretending that “peace” talks can get anywhere. Their goal is the extermination of Israel.
As Americans, we strongly object to the arm twisting being exercised by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. It is up to Israel, and an Arab entity that will recognize Israel’s right to exist, to determine the “peace” that they can construct. America, the EU, the UN, and all others who think they can bully Israel should bow out.
We call on PM Netanyahu to immediately retract his offer to release 104 Arab terrorists. We call on all Knesset Members with a Jewish conscience to urge the PM to withdraw the offer and to end the charade of “peace” talks. Israel should ONLY come to the table when the PA Charter is revised. 
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Simply can’t believe the pass that Helen Thomas is getting from mainstream media on her Jew Hatred

Simply can’t believe the pass that Helen Thomas is getting from the mainstream media for her Jew hatred. This is unprecedented. The praise for this bigot has come from throughout the media world and what’s worse when her anti-Semitic remarks are mentioned writers then immediately remark that she apologized. The truth is after the apology she made more ant-Israel remarks in may interviews.

Here are links to some articles I wrote that mention Thomas:



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The Man of Steel and Capt. Israel

The new “Man of Steel” Superman man blockbuster movie has rekindled interest in Jews and superheroes (see: , and reminded me of an article I wrote in April 2011 about Arlen Schumer’s Capt. Israel comic.

Schumer is an amazing artist and a tremendous defender of Israel. Here’s a link to my article about him and Capt. Israel:




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“NBC News Chooses “Israel-bashing” President” says Accuracy In Media

Roger Aronoff at AIM / Accuracy In Media in Washington, DC has expanded on my research:

NBC News Chooses “Israel-bashing” President

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